Philippine Internet Usage

Everyday, more and more Filipinos are going online. In 2011, the internet penetration for the country was only 29.2% compared to other countries (such as Singapore) with a 70% penetration number, according to Internet World Stats. Take note that we have more than 100M people in terms of population, while Singapore only has less than 5M.

This year, we expect that number to grow with computers and mobile phones becoming cheaper and the need to adapt grows. We’re sure it will grow exponentially in the years to come.

So take advantage of these trends. It’s time for you to EVOLVE and get your business online!

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2011 Data for Philippine Internet Usage

29.7M out of 101.8M people in the Philippines access the internet
Each user spends 18.6 hours per month on the Internet
23.4M Facebook users (#3 in Asia, #7 Globally)
4.01M Twitter users (#8 … Read More »

Welcome to Evolve!

We all know that from small beginnings come great things, and that is what we do here in Evolve. We help you turn your ideas into what you want because we know that the beginning is the most important part of the work.

Our website is is finally up, so you can see what we’ve been up to. Our team has put in the time and effort for each of these clients so we hope you are as happy with the result as we are. Evolve Manila specializes in branding and collaterals, web design and development, mobile application design and development, video editing and digitization. Our principle is excellence. We can provide everything end-to-end and maximize your options, all you have to do is talk to us.

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not … Read More »

Kain Na!

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9th March

Kain Na! is a cooking show by Stephanie Zubiri that makes it possible for anyone to prepare easy, creative, Filipino recipes.

The main purpose of this site is to provide information about the show. The design is very similar to the look of the logo, and most of all to what we feel Stephanie’s audience is looking for. The episodes could be watched on My Pinoy TV ( so we had to provide a source for recipes in case viewers wanted to use them as a reference.

Visit the website at

Year: 2012  |  Client: My Pinoy TV Broadband, Inc.  |  Type: Branding, Web Design and Development

United Coconut Association of the Philippines

9th March

United Coconut Association of the Philippines, Inc. (UCAP) is an organization primarily focused on the development and programs for the nation’s coconut industry.

UCAP already had an existing website, but the web design and user interface was out of date. It was very hard to navigate and they needed to improve their publication sales. At the same time, they needed a system that would allow them to easily maintain the site.

Year: 2012  |  Client: United Coconut Association of the Philippines  |  Type: Web Design, CMS Development, Paypal Integration


9th March

TeleAsia is a brand new channel showing in Cignal Digital TV! 

Two channels consist this new brand – TeleAsia Chinese and TeleAsia Filipino. Check out their website to learn more about them –

Year: 2012  |  Client: Telesuccess Productions, Inc.  |  Type: Branding

My Pinoy TV Web (v3)

9th March

My Pinoy TV is an internet TV streaming website that provides legal content from Philippine TV stations, film outfits and producers. Their main vision is to provide these contents to Filipinos all over the world anytime, anywhere.

To provide legal content all over the world is not easy. We had to design a site that would have a simple and easy-to-use interface. Since the information in the site is legal, we also had to incorporate security and digital rights management to make sure they cannot be pirated. As a result, we developed our own video player, which can also accommodate video ads.

Since there would be frequent updates, we had to develop a detailed CMS to include different categorizations and features. E-commerce solutions were also integrated for subscriptions and freebies for trials.

The site is very complex but we can say that we … Read More »


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9th March

Qrius started out as Curious Cases and they bring new products to the local market with a goal of giving their customers an easier way of doing things and managing their lives.

Curious Cases was too “uncreative” for the client so they wanted us to come up with something unique but since they had already established the brand, they wanted to retain a familiarity to it. Hence, we kept the name ‘Curious’ but respelled it as ‘Qrius’. And since what they find and introduce new products, we designed the letter Q as a magnifying glass to signify this.

Check out their products at or Like them at

Year: 2012  |  Client: CJC Tradequest  |  Type: Branding

GMA Worldwide, Inc.

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9th March

GMA Worldwide, Inc. (GWI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GMA Network, Inc., the Philippines’ leading broadcaster.  GWI is responsible for acquiring all canned program content, formats, clips for use by Channel 7 and its second channel, QTV 11. It is also the worldwide distributor of GMA’s local productions.

When Evolve (under My Pinoy TV) picked up this project, GWI didn’t have a website and they needed one to showcase GMA-7 contents available for worldwide broadcast. At the same time, it would be a source for existing clients to download promotional materials and program information. Oh, and since they didn’t have any programming background for updating the site, we developed a CMS (Content Management System) for them too!

Visit the website at

Year: 2010  |  Client: GMA Worldwide, Inc.  |  Type: Web Design and Development

My Pinoy TV Web (V2)

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9th March

My Pinoy TV is an internet TV streaming website that provides legal content from Philippine TV stations, film outfits and producers. Their main vision is to provide these contents to Filipinos all over the world anytime, anywhere.

When we launched V1 in 2009, we started to learn that the market was too immature for such advanced advertising technologies. Also, the user interface was not as simple as we thought. We conducted a survey to address these issues and results came that we needed to improve navigation and the V1′s black background was too dark.

Also, this was about the time that social networking sites started gaining buzz so we incorporated Facebook connect and sharing options to the website.

Year: 2010  |  Client: My Pinoy TV Broadband, Inc.  |  Type: Web Design

Telesuccess Productions

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8th March

Telesuccess Productions, Inc. is the country’s biggest 

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Year: 2012  |  Client: Telesuccess Productions, Inc.  |  Type: Branding