Design Trends Series 2012: #2 – Typography

For many years, we have been limited to using classic fonts when it comes to web design. The usual Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman….

Although the ‘traditional’ fonts were able to serve its purpose, having web fonts available makes for more design options, which is great for any designer. Of course, clients also gain benefit because studios like Evolve can come up with even better outputs with web and mobile design. Designs become beautiful and readable.

To beef up our web graphics and design projects, we have adapted the use of web fonts to improve the typography in our designs. Our official website,, uses these fonts for our menu options and headers. This blog is an actual example, we used contrasting fonts for the headline and body to enhance the visual appeal. (We hope you think so too.)

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10th July

Kichitora is the best ramen restaurant in Manila.

The Philippines has been bitten by the ramen craze, but there the taste and quality of Japan has not yet really been brought to the country. The Kichitora taste was especially formulated in Japan, specializing in the quality of noodles and soup.

The group wanted a simple look for the brand – just like any Japanese – so this is what we came up with. Watch our for their first store, opening in SM Megamall soon!

Year: 2012  |  Client: Kichitora Foods Corporation  |  Type: Branding Design & Development