Category: Ecommerce

United Coconut Association of the Philippines

9th March

United Coconut Association of the Philippines, Inc. (UCAP) is an organization primarily focused on the development and programs for the nation’s coconut industry.

UCAP already had an existing website, but the web design and user interface was out of date. It was very hard to navigate and they needed to improve their publication sales. At the same time, they needed a system that would allow them to easily maintain the site.

Year: 2012  |  Client: United Coconut Association of the Philippines  |  Type: Web Design, CMS Development, Paypal Integration

My Pinoy TV Web (v3)

9th March

My Pinoy TV is an internet TV streaming website that provides legal content from Philippine TV stations, film outfits and producers. Their main vision is to provide these contents to Filipinos all over the world anytime, anywhere.

To provide legal content all over the world is not easy. We had to design a site that would have a simple and easy-to-use interface. Since the information in the site is legal, we also had to incorporate security and digital rights management to make sure they cannot be pirated. As a result, we developed our own video player, which can also accommodate video ads.

Since there would be frequent updates, we had to develop a detailed CMS to include different categorizations and features. E-commerce solutions were also integrated for subscriptions and freebies for trials.

The site is very complex but we can say that we … Read More »