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10th July

Kichitora is the best ramen restaurant in Manila.

The Philippines has been bitten by the ramen craze, but there the taste and quality of Japan has not yet really been brought to the country. The Kichitora taste was especially formulated in Japan, specializing in the quality of noodles and soup.

The group wanted a simple look for the brand – just like any Japanese – so this is what we came up with. Watch our for their first store, opening in SM Megamall soon!

Year: 2012  |  Client: Kichitora Foods Corporation  |  Type: Branding Design & Development


9th March

TeleAsia is a brand new channel showing in Cignal Digital TV! 

Two channels consist this new brand – TeleAsia Chinese and TeleAsia Filipino. Check out their website to learn more about them –

Year: 2012  |  Client: Telesuccess Productions, Inc.  |  Type: Branding


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9th March

Qrius started out as Curious Cases and they bring new products to the local market with a goal of giving their customers an easier way of doing things and managing their lives.

Curious Cases was too “uncreative” for the client so they wanted us to come up with something unique but since they had already established the brand, they wanted to retain a familiarity to it. Hence, we kept the name ‘Curious’ but respelled it as ‘Qrius’. And since what they find and introduce new products, we designed the letter Q as a magnifying glass to signify this.

Check out their products at or Like them at

Year: 2012  |  Client: CJC Tradequest  |  Type: Branding

Telesuccess Productions

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8th March

Telesuccess Productions, Inc. is the country’s biggest 

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Year: 2012  |  Client: Telesuccess Productions, Inc.  |  Type: Branding

My Pinoy TV Branding

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8th March